the new display system

When the material adapts to the idea, the perfect support is born: NEXT.

No catalogue of standard models:
NEXT is always custom-made.
For you. For your brand. For your concept.

NEXT is the innovative material that focuses on the real protagonist of the exhbition project: the product.
No limits of geometry and dimension: thanks to the full or empty volumes and soft or squared shapes, NEXT represents the perfect design for all brands.

THE SUCCESSFUL ALCHEMY: the secret qualities of the materials.

The perfect material to enhance the product

VEP 87 made the continuos innovation and research its own distinguishing feature and, like an alchemyst, it understood the best qualities of the materials, ridding them of weak points.

Sometimes the very precious characteristics of a material risk to remain unexpressed potentialities.
This does not happen if the company has the research skills in its own DNA. VEP87 created the perfect material to enhance all flooring products, in all situations giving the possibility to customize it connecting the best qualities of the polistyrene (workability, lightness, manegeability) and the strenght and resistance of a special patented coating layer. The NEXT ideal balance is the result of almost 2 years in R&D and over 550 painting and material tests.

THE SUCCESSFUL ALCHEMY: the secret qualities of the materials.

NEXT respects the environment and health.

A virtuous cycle does not waste

Next is an inert material that semplifies each step, from transport to the preparation in showrooms. NEXT can contain covered panels and extractable, stackable and recompactable parts to guarantee a handy transport or to adapt itself to different exhibition spaces.

Each processing residual material is reused for the creation of new elements. No bureaucratic slowdown: in contrast to MDF, NEXT does not need the CARB or EN16516 certification as it is totally free from formaldehyde and it does not release any harmful substance in the environment. About the disposal, costs depend on the advantageous lightness of NEXT, whose weight is 5 times less than MDF.


Abolished the moulds, the limits of the milling and weight of the traditional materials, eliminated the glue and formaldehyde, the material is free to create any idea, any project, thanks to a manufacturing and exclusive coating technique. NEXT matches the qualities of the unique piece and the continual mass production.

NEXT puts together shape and function

Without any restriction, neither obstacles nor joints, NEXT does not have any limit of shape and dimension: it is a unique immediately usable piece without assemblying. The body of the display can be composed of single pull out pieces to offer a multiplied exhibition surface and a customizable design that can suit any space. NEXT is ready to use, without assembly. Created to show tiles 1 cm and and flooring products, NEXT is very suitable in outdoor exhibition areas. The resistance permits to set up all formats.


NEXT is a very innovative material, so light that overcomes the restrictions tied to transport: if stocked outdoor, it is not subjected to the climatic aggressions, neither the saltiness in the case of shippings by sea. NEXT is the ideal solution for intercontinental shippings without risks of damages and at reduced costs. The lightness of NEXT revolutionizes the old habits during the handling, loading and unloading, preparation and storage.


Next takes advantage of its volume, without any limits about manufacturing and milling: the inner part of one display can be composed by modular elements that can be extracted and reassembled in a unic body, adapting themselves to all spaces or for an handy transport.
The exclusive manufacturing technique of NEXT let recovering and reusing production scraps in a virtuous cycle repeated infinite times.
Next is customizable in any aspect: finishings, shapes, colours and dimensions: from the little table display to the complete corner display. Next can be customized with direct-printing or stickers. The surface is without any joint and flows continuously.