The ever changing ceramic industry requires that even the merchandising keeps up with it. After  the technological innovation regarding the resin displays, that distinguishes VEP 87 from its competitors, the NEXT series is born: a new way to display, and in this case too, the material used to make it is the real protagonist. If it is not in resin, neither in MDF, nor in iron… what is NEXT made of? The answer is: polystyrene. Aesthetically it is in perfect VEP 87 style, a linear and minimalist design, making sure that the shown tile is on the first floor on stage. As all VEP 87 display systems, and as per customer-oriented policy, NEXT can be customized and it is suitable to show the single tile as well as the tiled panel. Another strong point is the considerable resistance and adaptability for indoor and outdoor use. This makes that VEP 87 news is perceived in the ceramic market as an innovative proposal without sacrificing quality of a made in Italy product. The target audience is the customer careful at an excelent quality-price ratio since NEXT is a good option to the traditional display systems like those made in MDF and metal. The main purpose is offering to the ceramic industry a product not only well designed but also a better solution: thanks to the Research  & Development department the new NEXT series guarantees some important technical characteristics such as resistance, lightness and VEP 87’s strong point, innovation.

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